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Women's Design and Fabrication

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Interdisciplinary Arts

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Hampshire College
The intent of this course is to provide a supportive space for female students to acquire hands-on fabrication shop skills. Students will be introduced to the basic tools, equipment, machinery and resources available through the Lemelson Center. We will cover basic elements of design and project planning. Students will be expected to participate in discussions of their own and each other's work. Upon completion of the course, participants will have start-to-finish experience with several projects, a working knowledge of what's available in the shop, and the skills needed to go forward with their own ideas.

Arts, Design, and Media Quantitative Skills Independent Work Lab Fee: $60

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Women's Design and Fabrication
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1 4.0

Patricia Bennett

07:00PM-09:30PM M;04:00PM-05:20PM W

Lemelson Center for Design SHOP;Lemelson Center for Design SHOP