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Photography I: Digital

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
Rather than just showing you how to "take good photos," this course will challenge you to investigate, through practice, how photographic images "make" meaning. Project-based assignments allow for developing personal content while advancing technical skills. Lab sessions will introduce current digital workflow practices including image capture, color management, digital darkroom software techniques, asset management and archival inkjet printing. Photography will be practiced and discussed within the context of contemporary art and digital culture, with an emphasis on developing vocabularies for the interpretation and critical analysis of image content. Readings and lectures on historical practices and about such critical issues as representation, mechanization, ethics, and authenticity will provide context for assignments and regular in-class critiques of student work. Prerequisites: Introduction to Media Arts, Art History or Photographic History course or its equivalent in studio arts.

Independent Work A $50 lab fee will be charged for this course. NOTE: Enrolled or top 5 waitlist students who DO NOT attend the first class session risk losing their place on the class roster.

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Photography I: Digital
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Sean Fader

12:30PM-03:20PM TH

Jerome Liebling Center 131