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Third Year Chinese II

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Language Study

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Hampshire College
Students entering this class will be expected to have completed Integrated Chinese Level 2 or its equivalent (approximately two and a half years of college level Chinese). The main text for the semester will be Reading into a New China. Emphasis will be placed equally on speaking, reading, and writing. Pre-requisite: completion of Integrated Chinese Level 2 or equivalent.

Multiple Cultural Perspectives This course will be taught by Yi Zhang, a visiting professor of Chinese from the Hampshire College China Exchange program, and supervised by K. Johnson. There will also be a one-hour discussion session per week to be scheduled the first week of class to suit students' schedules. For any questions contact Kay Johnson ( via email

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Third Year Chinese II
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1 4.0

Yi Zhang;Kay Johnson;

04:00PM-04:50PM M,W,F

Franklin Patterson Hall 104