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Elementary Chinese II

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Language Study

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Hampshire College
This course covers the second semester of beginning Chinese (LS 111). The course will continue to use the Integrated Chinese textbook series and will cover speaking, reading, and writing Chinese characters. Required books are: Integrated Chinese Textbook Level 1, Part 2; Integrated Chinese Workbook Level 1, Part 2; Integrated Chinese Character Workbook, Level 1, Part 2. Students who complete this class will be able to continue studying Chinese at the intermediate level at any of the other Five Colleges or on the Hampshire Summer program in Hefei. Prerequisite for this class is one semester of college level Chinese or the equivalent.

Multiple Cultural Perspectives Culture, Humanities, and Languages Multiple Cultural Perspectives It will be taught by Yi Zhang, a visiting professor of Chinese from the Hampshire College China Exchange program and supervised by K. Johnson.

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Elementary Chinese II
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1 4.0

Yi Zhang;Kay Johnson;

05:00PM-05:50PM M,T,W,TH,F

Franklin Patterson Hall 104