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Elementary Spanish II

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Language Study

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Hampshire College
This course is the second semester of first-year Spanish and students enrolled in this course should have taken IA/LS 101 or an equivalent. This class and all subsequent IA/LS courses are taught entirely in Spanish. Students entering this level should be able to use the present, future (ir + a + infinitive), and preterit with some fluency and accuracy. Attention is given to building accuracy with grammatical structures introduced in IA/LS 101 and focusing on the differences between the preterit and imperfect tenses along with pronoun use. More sophisticated grammar is also introduced in this course. All four skill areas (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) are practiced through activities that are based on real-life situations, the course textbook, Vistas, and the students' experiences. This class focuses on speaking and using Spanish. This is an integrated language course.

Culture, Humanities, and Languages Multiple Cultural Perspectives Classroom attendance and participation count for sixty percent of the requirement for credit. This class is taught by faculty from the International Language Institute in Northampton ( For more information regarding placement in this course, please contact Esther Lopez,

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Elementary Spanish II
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1 4.0

Esther Lopez;Caroline Gear;

01:00PM-03:30PM M,W

Franklin Patterson Hall 103