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CHARGE Syndrome

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Cognitive Science

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Hampshire College
CHARGE Syndrome is a relatively rare genetic disorder that causes a wide array of anatomical defects and sensory deficits. Children with CHARGE typically exhibit varying degrees of deafness and blindness and a host of other developmental anomalies. The focus of this seminar will be on the fact that some 40% of CHARGE children do not appear to acquire symbolic language even when their sensory deficits are (at least partly) remediated and their cognitive abilities are otherwise generally intact. We will read the scientific literature on CHARGE as well as other developmental disorders such as autism that impact on linguistic capacity, and discuss a range of issues about the nature of language acquisition and general cognitive development. Students are expected to have a background in linguistics, developmental or cognitive psychology, neuroscience, genetics or other relevant areas. Instructor permission is required.

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CHARGE Syndrome
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Mark Feinstein

02:00PM-03:20PM T,TH

Adele Simmons Hall 111