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Human Evolution

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Hampshire College
To understand who we are and our place in the biosphere, we need to know from where we came and how we got here. Despite concerted focus, however, there still is uncertainty about our biological origins, our evolution, and our future. This course will serve as a scientific overview of human speciation and evolution. Topics of discussion will include: early evolution of the genus Homo and primates in general, hypotheses for human adaptations and historical movements, molecular vs. anthropological explanations for our evolution, genetic variation within/among current human populations, cultural evolution, and evolutionary explanations for human behavior. We will use both applied and primary scientific research literature to explore topics in these areas. Students will research specific aspects or questions and present their findings in written and oral format.

Writing and Research Quantitative Skills

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Human Evolution
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1 4.0

Charles Ross

02:00PM-03:20PM T,TH

Cole Science Center 2-OPEN