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Projects in Fiction Writing

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Interdisciplinary Arts

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Hampshire College
This workshop is suitable for creative writers in the final semester of Division II, or just beginning a Division III. The goal is to ensure that, by semester's end, students have the tools required to complete a substantial creative project. Each student will propose an independent project (ex.: series of stories, novella, collection of shorts, work within a certain genre or form), setting out clear craft-related goals and a method to achieve these. While our primary task is commenting on student work, we will also respond in writing to the work of writers 'on writing.' Each student will also give a presentation on a book chosen from our shared list. Students will be evaluated according to the progress made on their independent projects, the quality of their written responses, and their participation in our writerly community. Students should contact the instructor with project proposals to secure instructor permission. Prerequisite: Significant experience in college-level creative writing workshops.

Independent Work Writing and Research

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Projects in Fiction Writing
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Nathalie Arnold

01:00PM-03:50PM F

Emily Dickinson Hall 4