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Structure and the Story

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Interdisciplinary Arts

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Hampshire College
This is an intermediate creative writing workshop that explores narrative structure. The focus will be on works that have pushed the boundaries of conventional narrative "girders" by using as building materials visuals, verse, and radical time/space-shifts, all while maintaining a clear cohesive whole. Course requirements will include reading several international novels and novellas; in-class presentations; critical response papers on the reading; original works of creative writing that must be interconnected in some way. In other words, you will not write separate stories but work toward constructing one overall piece comprised of individual elements that play with some of the narrative shapes covered in this course.

Arts, Design, and Media Culture, Humanities, and Languages Multiple Cultural Perspectives Independent Work Students MUST attend the first day of class in order to be granted permission to enroll.

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Structure and the Story
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1 4.0

Uzma Khan

02:30PM-05:20PM W

Franklin Patterson Hall 102