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Long Poem & Lyric Essay

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Interdisciplinary Arts

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Hampshire College
Workshop members should arrive willing to explore and to expand their interests through the long poem and/or the lyric essay. We will experiment with the "malleability, ingenuity, immediacy, [and] complexity" available in these forms. Workshop members will keep regular journals, research areas of interest, submit formal (typed) passages and self-contained segments of writing for peer review, and respond to peer and published works. In addition to a portfolio of work that includes a critical introduction, each workshop participant will complete one analytical paper and one formal presentation. Course readings will include work by Claudia Rankine, Eula Biss, Campbell McGrath, Julia Story, WCW, Cornelius Eady, Sherwin Bitsui, and Anne Carson (among others). This workshop is suitable for Div II students who have completed at least one college-level creative writing workshop and are planning to pursue creative writing as a component of Div III.

Writing and Research Independent Work

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Long Poem & Lyric Essay
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1 4.0

Heather Madden

09:00AM-11:50AM W

Greenwich House WRC