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Intermediate Creative Writing

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Interdisciplinary Arts

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Hampshire College
This creative writing workshop is divided into two segments. The first will focus on creative non-fiction, with an emphasis on writing about place in the form of personal essay. Along the way we'll explore how a place succeeds or doesn't succeed in becoming a character, how much of one's self the writer develops through writing about it, and most importantly, perhaps, what is really being said. As a transition to the second segment, we'll explore the boundary between non-fiction and fiction. For instance, is the former more thesis-driven, argumentative? Does it leave room for some of the elements of fiction to be drawn, such as humor and characterization? We'll use this comparison to discuss more particular elements of the craft of fiction, such as character, dialogue vs. internal monologue, and plot. Finally, we'll discuss which you prefer to read and write, fiction or essay, and why. Course requirements include substantial reading assignments, response papers, oral presentations, and at least two works of creative writing, one non-fiction and one fiction.

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Intermediate Creative Writing
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1 4.0

Uzma Khan

12:30PM-03:20PM T

Franklin Patterson Hall 101