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Hampshire College
Sketchbooks are places of safety and freedom, where artists can do whatever they please: explore unproven paths, go against the grain, experiment with unfamiliar techniques, document the world in deeply personal ways or just doodle without any pressure that out of this engagement a masterpiece will be born... and yet from working in sketchbooks regularly artists develop a discipline of engaging with the world and from the lack of pressure often new directions, new bodies of work are born. Using a range of materials and approaches students will explore the creative possibilities of sketchbooks. Regular hands-on work will include sketchbook entries responding to prompts and self-assignments designed by students. We'll also examine artists' sketchbooks and notebooks including those of artists from non-Western traditions. Prerequisite 100 Level class in painting, drawing or sculpture.

Independent Work Multiple Cultural Perspectives Lab Fee: $30, Field Trip $25

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Division II Studio Seminar
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1 4.0

Andrea Dezso

01:00PM-03:50PM W

Arts Barn STUDIO 1