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Animating Characters

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Cognitive Science

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Hampshire College
This course will explore the art of creating animated characters across a range of media. Our explorations will be driven by questions such as: What are the relationships between how we visually perceive motion in our physical surroundings and the illusion of motion expressed through image sequences? How can the mechanics of locomotion be constructed so that they appear to be driven by biological control? How can volition or emotion be expressed through movement? Throughout the term, we will investigate these questions and more through hands-on assignments, critique sessions, and analytical discussions of screenings, readings, and live examples. Project work will include stop-motion, traditional hand-drawn, and 3D computer animation production, culminating in substantial final projects of each student's own design. Prerequisite: An evaluation or passing grade from a college-level drawing, animation, acting, or film/video course.

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Animating Characters
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Christopher Bishop

02:30PM-05:20PM W

Adele Simmons Hall 126