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Division III Seminar

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Critical Social Inquiry

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Hampshire College
This is a Critical Social Inquiry Division III seminar designed to provide a scholarly community of students who are finishing up their Division III projects. The seminar will have common readings in the beginning of the semester based on student interests. While each student's project will have a different focus, we will be examining a set of common intellectual focus on historical, social, cultural, and political experiences of diverse subjects. This seminar will take on a workshop format in which students present their chapters-in-progress and offer constructive feedback on one another's work. The goal of the seminar is to provide serious, thoughtful, intellectual, and constructive support in the second half of students' Division III year.

Independent Work Writing and Research

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Division III Seminar
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1 4.0

Lili Kim

12:30PM-03:20PM TH

Franklin Patterson Hall WLH