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Meeting Lacan

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Critical Social Inquiry

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Hampshire College
Students will learn Lacanian psychoanalysis through several experiences of working in small groups or pairs. We'll read primary and secondary literature on Lacanian psychoanalysis, including cases by Freud. Students will work in groups to create scenes in which Lacan visits Freud and advises him on a case, and perform that scene. We'll also explore Lacan's concept of desire and the Other of language through a work of literature. Finally, students will be involved in Lamb Watch at the Hampshire College Farm Center, and will write their private impressions, associations, and any dreams that refer to this experience. The idea is to learn interiority, and find an art form for it. The final project for this course is the art form and Lacanian analysis of that form, presented in a conference with visiting analysts. Previous coursework in psychoanalysis, literature or philosophy relating to Freud or Lacan, is required. Div. III students may take this course as an advanced course.

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Meeting Lacan
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1 4.0

Annie Rogers

09:00AM-10:20AM T,TH

Franklin Patterson Hall 106