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Women on Top?

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Critical Social Inquiry

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Hampshire College
For 30 years, women have earned college degrees at a higher rate than men. Why, then, does the average woman still earn $500,000 less over her lifetime than the average man? What accounts for the fact that only a handful of Fortune 500 CEOs are women? And what should we do about it? In this seminar-style course, we will address these questions with the help of Hampshire alumnae who have successfully navigated the challenges of the business world. Discussions with these women will provide first-hand insight into why the glass ceiling still exists and how it might be--and has been--broken. Throughout the course, we will ground these discussions in a critical, historical analysis of gender hierarchies in the workplace. This course is suitable for students interested in learning about how women become business leaders and/or students of Women's Studies, Gender Studies, Business, and Economics.

Independent Work Writing and Research

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Women on Top?
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1 4.0

Megan Briggs Lyster

02:30PM-05:20PM M

Franklin Patterson Hall ELH