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Introduction to History

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Critical Social Inquiry

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Hampshire College
This is the second half of the two-semester course, Introduction to History, in which you will be undertaking substantial history research paper. We will be visiting different archives in the Five Colleges to learn about the local archival collections and learn the art of researching and writing history. We will also explore the latest technologies to assist us in our endeavor, such as various search engines and footnote software programs. There will be several short assignments, focusing on primary and secondary sources, and students will also present their work throughout the semester. The second half of the semester will be a workshop format. In addition to sharing one's work, offering thoughtful, constructive written and verbal feedback on other students' work will be a crucial part of the course. This course is ideal for Division II students who wish to include a substantial history research paper in their portfolio. In lieu of a paper, students may also choose another creative format for the final project.

Power, Community and Social Justice Independent Work Multiple Cultural Perspectives Writing and Research

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Introduction to History
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Lili Kim

10:30AM-11:50AM T,TH

Franklin Patterson Hall ELH