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Girls in Schools

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Critical Social Inquiry

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Hampshire College
The relationship of girls' empowerment to education has been and continues to be a key feminist issue. Second wave liberal feminism, for instance, strove to make schools more equitable places for girls, demanding equal access and resources for girls and boys in schools and the elimination of discrimination specifically impacting girls. Yet the relationship of gender inequality and schooling is a complicated and contentious site of research and policy. In this course we will examine how various feminist perspectives have defined and addressed the existence of gender inequality in American schools. By analyzing research, pedagogies, policies and programs developed in the past few decades to address gender inequality and schooling, students should complete the course with a complex view of feminism and how these different, and at times contradictory, perspectives have contributed to the debates around educational inequality and the design of educational reform.

Power, Community and Social Justice Writing and Research Independent Work Multiple Cultural Perspectives

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Girls in Schools
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Kristen Luschen

10:30AM-11:50AM W,F

Franklin Patterson Hall 102