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Film, Photo, Video Studies

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
Film/Photography/Video Studies Seminar: This course is open to film, photography and video concentrators in Division III and others by consent of the instructor. The class will attempt to integrate the procedural and formal concentration requirements of the College with the creative work produced by each student. It will offer a forum for meaningful criticism, exchange, and exposure to each other. In addition, various specific kinds of group experience will be offered, including lectures and critiques by guest artists. The course will include discussions of post- graduate options and survival skills including tips on exhibition and distribution, and graduate school applications.

Independent Work There will be a $50 lab fee. Enrollment is limited to Division III concentrators; contracts must have been filed prior to enrollment. All others must have permission of the instructor. NOTE: Enrolled or top 5 waitlist students who do not attend the first class session risk losing their place on the class roster.

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Permission is required for interchange registration during all registration periods.
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Film, Photo, Video Studies
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1 4.0

William Brand;Jacqueline Hayden;

01:00PM-05:00PM W

Jerome Liebling Center 131