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Advanced Shakespeare Seminar

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
This advanced seminar will meet for three hours weekly to read, in conjunction with selected theoretical and historical material, the texts of eleven plays by Shakespeare. The final selection of plays will be made by the seminar but will include plays from all genres (history, comedy, tragedy, romance.) Questions to be explored include: issues of language, self and identity; the question of rule and authority; the representation of gender in the drama and the social ideology of the period; the staging of power and social position; the relation of actor and audience. Students will be expected: to give opening presentations for specific seminar sessions; to write frequent, brief position papers; and to submit a final portfolio of developed critical writing, including a longer comparative, research- based paper.

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Advanced Shakespeare Seminar
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1 4.0

L. Brown Kennedy

01:00PM-03:50PM M

Franklin Patterson Hall 106