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No Place: Utopian Visions

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Hampshire College
The Greek word Ou topos, means "no place". The English homophone eutopia, derived from the Greek means "good place". In this class we will explore what this no/good place is, how to find it, and most importantly how to envision it. We will read Jose Muoz's Cruising Utopia, as well as Jill Dolan's Utopia in Performance, among others. We will look at various films/videos that attempt to depict this place that is nowhere, that is good, that sings its siren song. Prerequisite: Film I or Video I (or related film/photo/video production course).

Independent Work Writing and Research Lab Fee $50.

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No Place: Utopian Visions
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1 4.0

Julien Rosskam

12:30PM-03:20PM T;06:30PM-09:00PM M

Jerome Liebling Center 131;Jerome Liebling Center 120