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Division II Independent Proj.

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
This course will provide an opportunity for Division II students in film/video, photography and related media that wish to pursue their own work, creating at least one completed new project for inclusion in the Division II portfolio. Each student will be required to present his/her work to the group several times during the semester. The members of the workshop will provide critical, technical and crew support for one another. Team projects are supported as long as each participant has a distinct and responsible role in the making of that work. Technical workshops will be offered where necessary. However, prior to joining the workshop, students must have some level of mastery over his/her medium as well as course evaluations in prerequisite areas. We will unpack the conceptual process of creating and realizing new works. Readings, screenings and museum/gallery visits, which address the specific problems faced by class members in developing the works-in-progress, will contribute to the overall experience of the workshop. All of these activities including active verbal contributions to all sessions are required of each student under the guiding principle that tracking each other's intellectual and creative process will help each person develop their respective project. This course provides a structured context in which to do independent work at the Division II-level.Prerequisites: evaluations from at least two courses in a related discipline.

Independent Work A lab fee of $50 covers the use of Hampshire's equipment plus film/video rentals.

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Division II Independent Proj.
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Kara Lynch

07:00PM-10:00PM TH

Jerome Liebling Center 131