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Dance and Culture

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
This course will examine dance through the lens of culture and culture through dance. We'll study diverse examples -- Western, non-western, contemporary, historical -- to consider the many roles dance plays, and the ways dance embodies, creates, transmits, changes and is bound by culture. Students will investigate dance's role in religion, rites of passage, politics, war, identity formation, medicine and social relations, and will discuss such issues as ownership and appropriation, tradition and change, influence and fusion. Students will hone skills of dance description and analysis informed by awareness of cultural biases and preferences, and will practice a variety of methodologies for dance research. Although some dances will be discussed in depth, the course is designed as a survey, hoping to serve as a foundation for future research or creative projects. While not a studio course, it will include bodily approaches to the material, but requires no experience in dance.

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Dance and Culture
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1 4.0

Daphne Lowell

02:00PM-03:20PM T,TH

Music and Dance Building SMALL