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The Photographic Print

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Hampshire College
What is a photograph in the world of the pixel? This course will explore the history, concept and craft of the photographic print, considering the materiality of photographs amid digital creation. Students will study an array of image making techniques, investigate the shape images take from screen to sculpture and analyze the changing and often contentious definition of a photograph. Through a combination of workshops, readings, critiques and fieldtrips, the class will offer a critical examination into the nature of digital and analog photography, challenging students to define their practice within a historical and contemporary context. As a studio class, students will refine their printing techniques as they begin to develop a unique photographic language, giving shape to the way they see. Prerequisite: 100 level course in Media Arts (Introduction to Media Arts (photo, film or video), Intro to Digital.

Independent Work Lab Fee $50. Field Trip $10.

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The Photographic Print
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1 4.0

Sarah Mandle

01:00PM-03:50PM M

Jerome Liebling Center 120