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Hampshire College
This is a class for musicians interested in developing their expressive and creative skills through improvisation. It is open to all instrumentalists, including voice and electronics. It is open to students from any musical background. You will be challenged to expand your instrumental vocabulary, and to use these languages in a context of collective improvisation. We will look at improvisational music making from a multitude of angles, breaking it down and putting it together again. This is an intensive course, requiring weekly rehearsals outside of class with small groups, listening and reading assignments involving periodic papers, and compositional exercises. Familiarity with traditional musical notation is required, as we will be exploring the role notated elements play in an improvisational work. We will be giving a final concert of the musical pieces you develop during the semester.

Multiple Cultural Perspectives Independent Work Prerequisite: This ensemble is open to first year students, but preference is given to second year students and above. The composition of the ensemble will be determined after the first class meeting.

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The Improviser's Laboratory
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1 4.0

Martin Ehrlich

06:30PM-09:20PM T

Music and Dance Building RECITAL