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Intro to Ethnomusicology

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
Ethnomusicology is a field of music scholarship, which examines a wide range of music and music-related human activities with distinctive sociocultural perspectives and methodologies. This course offers an introductory experience of the field for students pursuing ethnomusicological projects in their Div. II and III and those interested in exploring this relatively unknown field. Students are introduced to the historical development of the field since its emergence in the late 19th century and more recent discourses and directions, subjects that many ethnomusicologists investigate, and how they approach them. Fieldwork being a central methodology, students learn how to document, analyze, and interpret ethnographic information, how to preserve and share their research findings, and ethical issues pertaining to the handling of individual and collective cultural properties. The course also entails a brief introduction of other methodologies such as archival, organological, and iconographical research. Previous experience in music scholarship, anthropology, or cultural studies is desirable.

Independent Work Writing and Research Multiple Cultural Perspectives Instructor Permission Required for First Year students.

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Intro to Ethnomusicology
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Junko Oba

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