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Dance Performance Lab

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
This will be a laboratory in which student dancers of diverse idioms and levels will work with student choreographers to create and bring to life new dances for performance in Hampshire Dance Program concerts. In weekly rehearsals, students will learn, practice, modify, interpret and polish the distinct dance style and vision of the choreographer. In addition, students will be expected to practice the evolving dance independently outside of rehearsals, to keep a journal of their discoveries and notes on the dance, to contribute to the choreographer's project, and to meet with other lab participants periodically for performance and review of the work in progress.

Independent Work First meeting is Wednesday, January 23, 2013 from 9:00-10:00am. (Time for this course will vary) Students are strongly encouraged to enroll concurrently in a dance technique course. Participation in this lab will be based on being selected by choreographers for works-in-progress Variable Credit.

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2-4 credits

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Dance Performance Lab
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Daphne Lowell


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