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Music: Hispanic Caribbean

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Hampshire College
This course will explore the music of the Hispanic Caribbean, with particular emphasis on the musics of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and musical interchange with the United States (particularly New York). The course will include weekly reading and listening assignments, several short written assignments, a concert paper, and a final research paper. The focus will be on the interrelations between music and culture, and we will engage in some musical analysis of the various genres discussed. Important topics will include the roles of European, African, and indigenous musical styles in the development of creole musics, music and nationalism, performance practice, ideological and philosophical conceptions about the music, the sociality of music, and analysis of musical forms. We will explore a wide range of musical styles from the nineteenth century to the present. While no musical background is required, there will be a significant active listening component in this class.

Culture, Humanities, and Languages Writing and Research Multiple Cultural Perspectives

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Music: Hispanic Caribbean
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Carl Clements

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