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Re/De-Constructing Black Women

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
This course will introduce students to concepts and constructs of black womanhood from the mid-twentieth century to the contemporary. We will engage literature by Black women to tease out themes of power vis--vis sexuality and motherhood, history and geography, environments and spaces, economics and migration. The goal of the course is to think critically about the ways in which issues of power "play" in the novels, poetry, film, and critical works. In this course, students will consider a variety of theoretical "frames," such as Black feminism and womanism, intersectionality and difference, and will develop close-reading skills, learn how to analyze and engage in literary arguments, and further develop their writing skills.

Culture, Humanities, and Languages Multiple Cultural Perspectives Writing and Research

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Re/De-Constructing Black Women
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1 4.0

Sonya Donaldson

04:00PM-05:20PM M,W

Emily Dickinson Hall 5