Making Dances I

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Hampshire College
This course is designed for any student curious about design in motion. It will introduce theories and processes of movement composition and choreographic analysis. We'll work with movement prompts and structured improvisations to discover ways to generate movement, and to compose it into set forms. We'll question expectations about what dance, or a "good" dance is, and push to broaden movement preferences. In the process students will hone skills in perceiving, describing and interpreting compositional strategies in choreography. They'll also study works of established choreographers from a range of styles, examine in depth the work of a master artist, and learn to write analytically about choreography. Students will work with group forms in class, but craft assigned studies in solo form, leading to a final, complete dance performed in an informal showing. No previous experience in dance is required. Concurrent study of dance technique is encouraged.

Arts, Design, and Media Independent Work Concert Attendance $50.

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Making Dances I
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1 4.0

Daphne Lowell

10:30AM-11:50AM T,TH

Music and Dance Building MAIN