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Dancing Modern 2

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
This course continues exploration of the basic principles of dance movement: body alignment, coordination, strength, flexibility, and basic forms of locomotion. Designed to blend the practice of modern dance with explorations of topics in anatomy and the physics of movement, in-class exercises and phrase-work will incorporate study of biomechanics, posture, bones, muscles, joints, the nervous system, breathing, awareness, proprioception, and the body/mind. Students will investigate expression in movement through awareness of internal sensation and relationship to space, by connecting vision and focus to movement, and through attention to detail. Classes will also provide opportunity for students to increase comfort in working upside-down and moving between the floor and standing. Movement style will draw upon contemporary movement forms including hip-hop, breaking, martial arts, and improvisation. No previous dance experience necessary.

Arts, Design, and Media Multiple Cultural Perspectives Writing and Research No previous dance experience is necessary. Concerts $50

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Dancing Modern 2
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1 4.0

Fritha Pengelly

10:30AM-11:50AM M,W

Music and Dance Building MAIN