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Style/Sense: Strat Fic Writers

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Interdisciplinary Arts

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Hampshire College
What does it mean to say a writer's work is "lyrical" or "spare," "realistic," "modern" or "mythical"? In this reading and workshop course, we will explore the concepts of 'sensibility' and 'style' as they apply to language and story. We will identify the sentence-level underpinnings of specific tonal effects, considering: syntax, diction, word families, the color and rhythm of language, punctuation, point of view, voice, and imagery. Through close reading of works by a wide range of writers, we will analyze writing styles, link aesthetic effects and intellectual/political commitments to craft choices, and explore relationships between literal content and the way content is delivered. In addition to weekly imitation exercises and analyses of readings, members will submit one long (10-15 page) piece for peer critique, which they will significantly revise.

Writing and Research Independent Work No permissions granted until first week. No writing samples. All interested students must attend the first class.

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Style/Sense: Strat Fic Writers
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1 4.0

Nathalie Arnold

06:00PM-09:00PM W

Emily Dickinson Hall 4