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Devising the Jazz Aesthetic

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Interdisciplinary Arts

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Hampshire College
This course explores the creation of interdisciplinary theatre through the lens of the jazz aesthetic. We will combine music, movement and non-linear narrative to create short dramatic pieces, and deconstruct the works of such theatre artists as Laurie Carlos, Sharon Bridgforth and Daniel Alexander Jones (all versed in this approach to creating drama). The course seeks to develop a language for collaboration and experimentation between actors, dancers, and musicians, and to mine new directorial tools which mirror the characteristics of classic American jazz - particularly rhythm, syncopation, call-and-response, polyphony and improvisation. Prerequisite: Completion of at least one college level course in acting, directing, design, playwriting, devised theatre, dance or music is required to register for this course.

Arts, Design, and Media Writing and Research Multiple Cultural Perspectives Independent Work

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Devising the Jazz Aesthetic
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1 4.0

Djola Branner;William MacAdams;

01:30PM-04:00PM M,W

Music and Dance Building SMALL