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Teaching Art in Elem School

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Interdisciplinary Arts

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Hampshire College
This course will explore methods of teaching art to children in grades K-6. We will focus on visual arts teaching by exploring art materials and techniques appropriate for a K-6 art program. Students will prepare themselves for behavior, academic and circumstantial situations which might arise in an elementary school classroom. The first half of the semester will include discussions and exploration of contemporary issues and methods within the field of Art Education. Students will work individually and in groups to create art lesson plans and they will experience working as a team by using group consensus to make decisions and plan an after-school art program. The second half of the semester students will teach art to children. They will apply much of what they have learned by experiencing hands-on team teaching in a local elementary school. Allowing a minimum of 20 minutes travel time before and after class is necessary.

Arts, Design, and Media Multiple Cultural Perspectives Independent Work

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Teaching Art in Elem School
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1 4.0

Jana Silver

02:30PM-05:20PM M

Franklin Patterson Hall 102