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Calculus II

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Natural Science

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Hampshire College
This course extends the concepts, techniques and applications of an introductory calculus course. We'll detect periodicity in noisy data, and study functions of several variables, integration, differential equations, and the approximation of functions by polynomials. We'll continue the analysis of dynamical systems taking models from student selected primary literature on ecology, economics, epidemiology, and physics. We will finish with an introduction to the theory and applications of Fourier series and harmonic analysis. Computers and numerical methods will be used throughout. In addition to regular substantial problem sets, each student will apply the concepts to recently published models of their choosing. Pre-requisite: Calculus in Context (NS 260)or another Calc I course.

Quantitative Skills Independent Work Prerequisite: Calculus in Context (NS 260) or another Calc I course.

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Calculus II
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1 4.0

Sarah Hews

09:00AM-10:20AM M,W,F

Cole Science Center 316