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Cognitive Science

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Hampshire College
One definition of "research" is that it is a systematic investigation to solve new or existing problems or to develop new ideas. In this research course, we will have learning at Hampshire as the subject of our research, developing explanations about what excites students and faculty about the pedagogy and educational structure at Hampshire College and what leads to strong student learning. We will use a variety of research methods - from interview to observation, survey to content analysis (as appropriate to our questions) to understand teaching and learning here. Of course, in order to carry out our research, we will read relevant literature on human learning, what promotes learning, and how to help more students succeed. Students will work as a research team along with the professor.

Independent Work Quantitative Skills Writing and Research This course is designed to teach varied educational research methods to Division II students.

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Learning at Hampshire
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1 4.0

Laura Wenk

01:00PM-02:20PM M,W

Adele Simmons Hall 221