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The Structure of Words

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Cognitive Science

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Hampshire College
Words are the basic linguistics units of a language and the ability to recognize a word is a fundamental component of reading. For many years most of the research in reading was conducted in English, and it was assumed that what was true for reading English words would also be true for words in other languages. However, many languages differ in striking ways from English and studying these languages can be useful in illustrating the different ways that people approach reading. In this class we will look at the structure of words in the Semitic languages-Hebrew and Arabic-and consider how differences in word structure can influence the ways in which we read. Students will learn how to read and critically evaluate the scholarly literature on the psychology of reading.

Mind, Brain, and Information Multiple Cultural Perspectives Writing and Research

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The Structure of Words
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Joanna Morris

12:30PM-01:50PM T,TH

Adele Simmons Hall 221