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Topic: Feminist & Queer Theory

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Gender Studies

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Mount Holyoke College
We will read a number of key feminist texts that theorize sexual difference, and challenge the oppression of women. We will then address queer theory, an off-shoot and expansion of feminist theory, and study how it is both embedded in, and redefines, the feminist paradigms. This redefinition occurs roughly at the same time (1980s/90s) when race emerges as one of feminism's prominent blind spots. The postcolonial critique of feminism is a fourth vector we will examine, as well as anti-racist and postcolonial intersections with queerness. We will also study trans-theory and its challenge to the queer paradigm.

Course limited to sophomores, juniors and seniors

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Topic: Feminist & Queer Theory
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01 4.0

Christian Gundermann

MW 10:00AM-11:15AM

Clapp Laboratory 501