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Amer Art/Arch 1600-Present

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Art & the History of Art

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Amherst College

Through the study of form, content, and context (and the relationship among these categories) of selected works of painting, architecture, and sculpture made in colonial America and the United States from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, this course will probe changing American social and cultural values embodied in art. We will study individual artists as well as thematic issues, with particular attention to the production and reception of art in a developing nation, the transformation of European architectural styles into a new environment, the construction of race in ante- and post-bellum America, and the identification of an abstract style of art with the political ascendance of the United States after World War II. Introductory level.

Limited to 35 students. Spring semester. Professor Clark.

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Amer Art/Arch 1600-Present
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01 4.0

Carol Clark

TTH 10:00AM-11:20AM

FAYE 113