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Inorganic Chemistry

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Amherst College

The structure, bonding, and symmetry of transition metal-containing molecules and inorganic solids are discussed. Structure and bonding in transition metal complexes are examined through molecular orbital and ligand field theories, with an emphasis on the magnetic, spectral, and thermodynamic properties of transition metal complexes. Reactions of transition metal complexes, including the unique chemistry of organometallic compounds, will be examined. The laboratory experiments complement lecture material and include a final independent project. Four hours of class and four hours of laboratory per week.

Requisite: CHEM 221 or consent of the instructor.  Spring semester. Professor Burkett.

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You must take one section for each of the following coreqs : CHEM-371L,CHEM-371F

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Inorganic Chemistry
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01 4.0

Sandra Burkett

MWF 11:00AM-11:50AM

MERR 315