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Computer Systems II

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Computer Science

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Amherst College

This course will examine the principles and design choices involved in creating the software and hardware systems on which ordinary computer programs rely. It will develop advanced topics in computer processor architecture, cover the design of operating systems and runtime systems, and provide an introduction to programming language compilers. Architectural topics will include pipelines, out-of-order execution, symmetric multithreading, and multi-core cache management. Topics in operating and runtime systems will include virtual memory, file systems, linkers and loaders, virtual machines, memory allocators, and garbage collectors. Projects will involve the implementation of key concepts and structures.

Requisite: COSC 111 and 161. Spring semester. Professor Rager.

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Computer Systems II
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01 4.0

John Rager

MWF 02:00PM-02:50PM

SMUD 207