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Linear Algebra W Applicat

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Amherst College

The study of vector spaces over the real and complex numbers, introducing the concepts of subspace, linear independence, basis, and dimension; systems of linear equations and their solution by Gaussian elimination; matrix operations; linear transformations and their representations by matrices; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; and inner product spaces. Additional topics include ill-conditioned systems of equations, the LU decomposition, covariance matrices, least squares, and the singular value decomposition. Recommended for Economics majors who wish to learn linear algebra. Four class hours per week, with occasional in-class computer labs.

Requisite: MATH 121 or consent of the instructor. This course and MATH 271 may not both be taken for credit. Spring semester. Professor Leise and Visiting Professor Ndangali.

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Linear Algebra W Applicat
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02 4.0

Friends Ndangali

MWF 11:00AM-11:50AM; TH 11:30AM-12:20PM

CHAP 101; SMUD 014