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Political Islam

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Political Science

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Amherst College

[CP, IR][SC - starting with the class of 2015] The goal of this class is to illuminate the complex relationship between secularism, political Islam and democracy through an in-depth case study of Turkey. In the past decade, some scholars have identified Turkey as a model “Muslim democracy” with significance to the larger Muslim world. In this course we will learn about the historical and political features of “Muslim democracy” in Turkey, and then discuss whether the Turkish case can be extended to other countries. The course is divided into three parts: (1) Theoretical investigations concerning the relationship between secularism, Islam and democracy (2) The Turkish case—historical background and current politics—and (3) trajectories of political Islam in Egypt, Iran and Indonesia. Please note that this course will heavily rely on readings. 

Requisite: Prior coursework in Political Science. Limited to 20 students.  Spring semester.  Visiting Professor  Zencirci.


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Political Islam
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01 4.0

Fatma Zencirci

TTH 10:00AM-11:20AM

CHAP 204