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Theater and Dance

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Amherst College

This is a practical course in navigating the myriad positions and tasks that directors master to lead collaborators toward completed theatrical interpretations of dramatic texts. Studio exercises are employed throughout as each student director produces and directs two medium-length projects. Topics of focus include the articulation of coherent artistic intent, the role of the audience in performance, and the use of space, sound and light. In addition, this course considers organizational and research methods related to successful production. Readings and class sessions are devoted to the history and practice of directing and to discussion of problems and approaches. Two class meetings per week. Students should expect to schedule a significant amount of rehearsal time for the successful completion of projects.

Requisite:  One of the following--THDA 240, 242, 252 or equivalent college-level experience with consent of the instructor. Spring semester.  Professor Bashford.

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Directing Studio
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01 4.0

Ronald Bashford

T 01:00PM-04:00PM