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S-Central Asia and the World

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Political Science

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UMass Amherst
Central Asia & the World: Central Asia today is often associated with buzzwords such as "petrostates,- "Islamic radicalism,- and "authoritarianism." Yet it is a dynamic and complex region which lies at the intersection of multiple historical empires and geographic regions. The course provides a foundation to evaluate debates about current trends and developments in post-Soviet Central Asia. The course is divided into three major units: 1) From Empire to Statehood; 2) Identity Politics; and 3) Political Economies and Globalization. All three units address broader themes to critically evaluate questions such as: what does the Central Asian experience tell us about state-building, nation-building, authoritarian resilience, regime change, identity politics, the perils of resource-based economies, and the dark underbelly of globalization? *Note: this course could include segments on Afghanistan and/or Xinjiang as well.

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S-Central Asia and the World
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Regine Spector

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