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Intrmd Stats/Business and Econ

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Resource Economics

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UMass Amherst
Emphasis on understanding and interpreting statistical information, and using it to form sound judgments in business situations. Includes brief review of sampling, sampling distributions, and basic inference for one-sample situations; comparison of two populations, chi-square tests for contingency tables, analysis of variance, simple linear regression, and topics in multiple regression and time series. Statistical software used for computations. A project using regression methods required.

Pre Req: RESEC 211,12orSTAT240 330 seats reserved for Isenberg BBA Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores.
75 seats reserved for Resource Economics majors.

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Intrmd Stats/Business and Econ
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A 3.0

Donna Spraggon

M W F 2:30PM 3:20PM