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Life is Full of Choices

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Resource Economics

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UMass Amherst
Students will reflect on and integrate their learning and experience in the following activities: 1) Update personal e-Portfolio. During the updating of their e-Portfolio students will complete a series of activities in which they: - Reflect on the courses they have taken at UMass. - Identify skills that they have attained through this course work. - Explore careers in Resource Economics and identify the careers that are of interest to them. - Identify the skills needed to succeed in the career paths they have identified. - Produce a professional resume and a sample cover letter. 2) Participate in weekly activities focused on the following topics: - Two team projects: Students will identify current issues and real world problems that might be addressed by a Resource Economist and reflect on how their more advance training as a Resource Economist motivates more detailed policy analysis of the issue. This 1-credit course, plus one pair of 3-credit courses identified in the Academic Requirements Report, satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BS-ResEc majors. Prerequisite: Res-Econ 112.

This course is open to Res-Econ Juniors and Seniors PreReq: RES-ECON 112

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Life is Full of Choices
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