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Business Comm Goes Green

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Isenberg School of Management

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UMass Amherst
Students will consider, argue, and discuss the many issues involved when companies "go green". They will also gain experience writing a range of business documents (letters, memos, proposals, and research reports) all focusing on ways to make businesses more energy efficient and environmentally conscious. The course includes a unit on the ethics of "going green" and on various approaches other countries have taken to create more environmentally sound businesses. Satisfies the junior year writing requirement for Isenberg School of Management and Resource Economics majors.

Open to Undergraduate Seniors and Juniors ISOM majors only. Pre Req: ENGLWRIT 112 or CW Satisfies the junior writing requirement. Recommended for Resource Economics majors.

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Business Comm Goes Green
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01 3.0

Susan Johnson

M W 2:55PM 4:10PM