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Leadership and Service

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Service Learning

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UMass Amherst
This course is the second of a two-semester service-learning set of courses in the IMPACT! Residential Academic Program. In the spring seminar, students continue the reflective learning process begun during the fall seminar, examining in greater depth the role of social identity and social justice theory in the context of their community service experiences. Each student will complete 30 hours of community service over the course of the semester. Students also engage in a process of reflection around their experience in general as first-year students and take focused time to consider and craft goals for their future learning at UMass. Guest speakers from the university and the community join the seminar on a regular basis to share aspects of their identity, beliefs, experiences, and goals.

Open to students in the IMPACT! Serv Learning Gorman RAP program only.

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Leadership and Service
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01 3.0

Katja Hahn D'Errico

M 3:35PM 6:05PM