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ST-Intro to Prob&Math Statistc

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UMass Amherst
This course provides a calculus-based introduction to probability and statistical inference. Topics include the axioms of probability, sample spaces, counting rules, conditional probability, independence, random variables and distributions, expected value, variance, covariance and correlation, the central limit theorem, random samples and sampling distributions, basic concepts of statistical inference (point estimation, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing) and their use in one and two-sample problems.

Pre Req: MATH 132 This course is a combination of STAT 515, with certain probability topics deleted or de-emphasized, and the first part of STAT 516. It is designed for students wanting a serious, calculus-based course that includes both probability and statistics in one semester. It is not designed, however, to be a prerequisite for STAT 516. Students planning to take STAT 516 should take STAT 515 first rather than STAT 597S.

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ST-Intro to Prob&Math Statistc
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01 3.0

Joanna Jeneralczuk

TU TH 9:30AM 10:45AM